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The Federation is constantly at work on any number of issues. Here are the main ones, based on the Federation’s 2017–2020 action plan.

To ensure the proper representation of physiotherapy

The Federation aims to improve the positioning of physiotherapy, namely by developing relationships and partnerships with actuaries and human resources advisors to enhance the value of physiotherapy for private insurers, as well as to increase the perception of the value of physical readaptation therapists. The Federation is also constantly at work with its partners, public insurers, to solidify these relationships.

To be a beacon of excellence to support our clinics’ development

The Federation is constantly improving on its learning opportunities for physiotherapy clinic management. The Federation also aims to diversify the tools on offer and to innovate by developing new programs for therapists, with the goal of allowing them to confidently approach the different clienteles they care for every day.

To improve the general public’s understanding of physiotherapy

To complement the Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie (OPPQ) and the Association québécoise de la physiothérapie (AQP), the Federation has also taken on the role of promoting our profession and will continue to do so through the entirety of its representations and communications.