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2021–2023 orientations

The Federation is constantly at work on any number of issues. Here are the main ones, based on the Federation’s 2021–2023 action plan.

To be an indispensable resource

  • To become an asset in the management of physiotherapy clinics
  • To increase the number of member clinics
  • To consolidate our current membership
  • To develop our offer of services for clinics
  • To play an integral role in our clinics’ development

To represent the physiotherapy sector

  • To create awareness campaigns about physiotherapy
  • To represent clinics to healthcare professionals
  • To reinforce inter profession networking
  • To represent clinics to the university research sector
  • To represent clinics to universities

To raise awareness about the Federation and its community

  • To promote the Federation and its actions
  • To promote the Federation to students
  • To intervene in public and political discourse
  • To promote physiotherapy clinics to the healthcare system
  • To promote physiotherapy to the general public

To complement the Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie and the Association québécoise de la physiothérapie, the Federation has also tasked itself with a mandate of raising awareness of our profession and will continue to do so through its representations and communications.