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Why register your clinic with the Federation?

Becoming a member of the Federation means that you are joining forces with over 300 physiotherapy clinics across the province. Becoming a member means adding your voice to that of your colleagues to promote physiotherapy. Becoming a member is the assurance that you will be represented by your peers, by people who know the realities of each of your regions. As a Federation member, you will take part in defining our action plan, as well as in defining physiotherapy clinics’ demands to agencies. The Federation is the recognized spokesperson on numerous projects.

Strength in numbers

Join a strong network of more than 300 physiotherapy clinics. These numbers mean that we have become the recognized top-tier discussion partner of private and public agencies, as well as of government bodies.

Stay informed

Be the first to know of changes coming to the practice of physiotherapy. Your membership grants you access to management and measurement tools to help situate your business in the market and take appropriate actions.


Get access to various learning opportunities specifically designed for clinic management and therapists. The Federation collaborates with recognized educational institutions.


The Federation is on a mission to promote and support its clinics’ development. This is achieved in partnership with the two other major organizations of the field, namely the OPPQ and the AQP, each within our respective roles. The Federation operates within the current health care system to carve out an ever-growing place for physiotherapy. We also aim to develop new markets such as interdisciplinarity and emerging markets.

The Fédération, wishful to offer more exclusive services to its members, is pleased to present selected insurance products. These products have been developed to meet all your needs.

Find out about our custom-made insurance products.

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