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Code of ethics

This code of ethics was adopted by the general assembly of Federation members on April 26, 2019.

It aims to give the members of the Federation the framework and moral wherewithal to act with the control of oneself expected in a commercial environment characterized by collaboration and mutual assistance between members.

Each member is responsible for behaving honestly and with discernment. Each member must be able to act according to the irreproachable code of conduct required to maintain the essential trust of their clients and colleagues, thus allowing for the continuing development of the field of physiotherapy.

It is important to note that the Federation’s mandate does not grant it any power of investigation or sanctions. FCPQ members commit to respecting the code of ethics as outlined:

  • To represent the field and practice of physiotherapy in a positive light.
  • To offer health services of the highest standards in their clinics, and the appropriate framework for their employees to meet these standards.
  • To proffer health services that respect the OPPQ’s code of ethics to their clients.
  • Not to disclose, in any way, confidential information obtained in any manner, unless obligated to do so by court order.
  • To respect their professional duties and obligations by avoiding any situation placing their clinic or employees in a conflict of interest, and to, should the situation arise, disclose the existence or potential existence of such a conflict, whether direct or indirect.
  • Not to disparage their colleagues, opting instead for mutual collaboration and assistance.
  • To abstain from using malicious or disrespectful methods of attracting clients or employees from another clinic.
  • To refuse to engage in unfair business practices to win a colleague’s clients or employees.
  • To abstain from promoting false or erroneous information when representing their services to potential clients.
  • To abstain from any false declaration about a competitor.
  • To abstain from any false declaration when hiring a future employee. To abstain, also during hiring, from any false declaration regarding a competitor.
  • To be respectful and honest in online or social media activities, maintaining a spirit of healthy competition.