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17 sept. 2021 • Understanding the 3 Roles of your Front Desk

17 sept. 2021 • Understanding the 3 Roles of your Front Desk

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19 février 2021


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Your Front Desk Team members play 3 significant roles in Patient and Practice Success.  Do you know what these 3 roles are?  Each role has distinct tasks and accountabilities, and its own metrics of success.  Start looking at your front desk team members in a separate, different light and watch your business grow!  I will define this all for you!

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Understanding the 3 Roles of your Front Desk

Jerry Durham, PT

Jerry Durham believes that there is true magic in the relationship you build with your Client/Patient. The simple path to business success is learning how to engage the new Healthcare Consumer! By inspiring and empowering your employees to create memorable Patient Experiences, through a full understanding of YOUR individual patient lifecycle and precisely how to move your patient through it, is the key to your ultimate business success!


Date: 17 septembre 2021

Heure de début : 12:00 EDT

Heure de fin : 13:15 EDT

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