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The advantages of being a Federation member
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Choosing a clinic registered with the FCPQ ensures that you are surrounding yourself with nearby competent professionals who have your health at heart.
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The Fédération des cliniques de physiothérapie du Québec (FCPQ)

For nearly 30 years the Federation has been hard at work representing physiotherapy clinics in the province. This experience has made the Federation one of the principal forces to defend your interests, and to ensure better representation.

With more than 250 member clinics, the Federation has become a reference point for current and future clinic owners. Not only does it represent clinics to the major public and private agencies, the Federation is also a source of learning opportunities to support clinic management in their entrepreneurship path, as well as to accompany the various therapists that work in their clinics.

The Federation is also at the centre of innovation and research,allowing for the ongoing analysis of the evolution of the profession to accompany clinics in maintaining their standards of quality. .

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