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The governing board has created committees to collaborate with the implementation of the Federation’s mission or that of certain projects. The roles of these committees are to inform or support the governing board regarding strategic issues. There are permanent committees, and, when needed by certain projects, temporary adhoc committees are also put in place. The committees will sometimes need to call on external resources in order to reach their goals.

Committees are managed under the governance policies that the FCPQ has put in place and are subordinate to the governing board. When a committee is no longer required at the end of its mandate, it is de facto terminated.

Partner relations committee

Mandate: to ensure the representation of physiotherapy in discussions with public partners in order to establish optimum strategies of caring for injured patients, all while developing a lasting and strong relationship with these respective partners.

Private insurers committee

Mandate: to establish long-lasting relationships with private insurers in order to assert the value and position of physiotherapy in the health care system, as well as to obtain better coverage for patients; to develop service offers to meet the needs of the members with regard to their insurance.

Training • Management committee

Mandate: to research and establish a recognized, quality training program for Federation members on the topics of management, administration, and leadership, as well as the forensic aspects presented by certain clienteles, or the interdisciplinary readaptation services that allow for better readaptation interventions.

Training • Forensic and clinico-administrative committee

Mandate: to establish and promote a clinico-administrative program aimed at readaptation professionals.

Interdisciplinary services and emerging markets committee

Mandate: to define a strategy to promote the better understanding by third-party public and private payers of interdisciplinary readaptation services offered in physiotherapy clinics; to establish a training program aimed at these professionals, in collaboration with the Training committee.

Promotion of physiotherapy committee

Mandate: to elaborate and manage the implementation of the physiotherapy Benchmark project, as well as other projects to measure the performance of physiotherapy clinics.

Member services committee

Mandate: to establish and develop strategies to support membership by offering our members the most appropriate services for them.

Partnerships committee

Mandate: to establish partnerships with those engaged in the field of readaptation in order to develop projects and services to benefit Federation members.

Physiothérapie sans Frontières (physiotherapy without borders) committee

Mandate: to advise and support Physiothérapie Sans Frontières in order to support the sending of physiotherapy cooperators to partner organizations in different countries.