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The Federation, always aiming to offer its members exclusive services, is pleased to present these exclusive insurance products. These products were developed to meet the needs of clinic managers. They are created with the realities of a physiotherapy clinic in mind.

Three exclusive products for Federation members

  • Group insurance plans for clinic employees
  • Comprehensive risk insurance for clinics
  • Civil liability insurance for service providers

Assurances FCPQ

Group insurance plans for clinic employees

Alliance solution collective                   Beaudry Deschatelets

We put together all the elements that contribute to the satisfaction of employees and employers regarding their group insurance plan and created LA COLLECTIVE. All that’s left for you to do is to take advantage of it! Affordable, reassuring, flexible and profitable, the Federation is offering this exclusive, all new group insurance plan to members for all your employees.

  • Seamlessly adapts to your business
  • Created with all your employees’ needs in mind
  • Evolves at the same pace as your business
  • Offers innovative solutions adapted to market trends
  • Facilitates access to group insurance plans for clinics
  • Decreases premium instability
  • Increases the buying power of insured members

How to get a quote?

For more information, download our explanatory brochure. For a quote, contact your dedicated insurance advisor at 1 877 771-2196, extension 233.

Comprehensive risk insurance for clinics, and civil liability insurance for service providers

La Capitale

The FCPQ now offers an advantageous clinical insurance program exclusively to its members, in partnership with La Capitale.

  • Personalized multirisk insurance for offices, created by a local business founded more than 40 years ago.
  • Civil liability insurance for clinics as professional service providers offered to FCPQ members at an affordable rate. This protection covers the civil liability of your clinic for damages caused by the delivery or failure to deliver professional services for which it is responsible.

Enjoy coverage developed for physiotherapy clinics and receive advice from representatives who specialize in business insurance.

You will be able to access these exclusive services:

  • Advantageous rates for all FCPQ members with our partner, La Capitale.
  • Possibility of a dedicated representative.
  • Claims services available at all times.
  • Pay in instalments for the duration of the contract with no management or interest fees.

For more information, call 1 800 644-0607.