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Frequently asked questions


Who can become a Fédération member?

The Fédération has three categories of members:

  • Membres corporatifs (Corporate members): company or legal entity mainly offering physiotherapy services and doing business in Quebec.
  • Membres associé·es (Associate members): a natural person currently a member of the Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec
  • Membres étudiant·es (Student members): a natural person duly enrolled in a college or university physiotherapy program.

For further information, see our general rules (available in French only).

How much does membership cost?

Membres corporatifs (Corporate members): Your annual dues are based on the number of hours of physiotherapy (physiotherapists and physical readaptation therapists) worked in your clinic. The ratio of these hours brought back to 35 hours will determine your dues.

The number of hours worked corresponds to the number of hours in the agreements or contracts between the clinic and its therapists. To calculate your dues, see our calculation table.

Did you know? If your physiotherapy clinic has never been a Fédération member, you can take advantage of our special offer Découverte de la Fédération (Discover the Fédération) at $99 for the first year*.

Membres associé·es (Associate members): $70. For the first year, enjoy a 50% discount*.

Membres étudiant·es (Student members): free of charge.

* After the first year and upon membership renewal, the regular rate applies.

Can I become a Fédération member as an individual physiotherapist?

If you are a self-employed therapist (physiotherapist and physical readaptation therapist), you may become a Fédération member.

If you practise physiotherapy as an employee of a clinic, you may also become a member. If your clinic is not a member, it can become one.

Are there advantages to being a member?

Different categories of membership have different advantages. For instance, clinics that are Fédération members have access to discounts with our partner, MTM Medical Tronik. All members also have access each year to several training courses designed specifically for managers. For further information, see the various registration pages.

How can I pay my membership dues?

Membership dues are payable by credit card online via a secure website.

How can I receive the Fédération’s newsletter?

You can subscribe here. Feel free to invite your team members to sign up for the newsletter as well.

The Fédération newsletter gives subscribers first access to information regarding changes, decisions or trends that could impact their practice.

Who can participate in Fédération training opportunities?

Unless otherwise indicated, Fédération training opportunities are open to all, even if your clinic is not a Fédération member. However, Fédération members enjoy preferential rates.

My clinic would like to support the work of Physiothérapie sans Frontières. How can I help?

The Fédération has supported the actions and missions of Terre Sans Frontières (previously Physiothérapie Sans Frontières) since its inception. You can contact TSF to learn more about upcoming missions or those under recruitment.

SAAQ claims

If you have a problem with the SAAQ claim of one of your patients, send an e-mail to explaining the issue and including the claim number.

What can be charged regarding claims fees?

The SAAQ made changes to the Regulation respecting the reimbursement of certain expenses. The amount reimbursed for the preparation of reports increased from $25 to $30.

“Expenses incurred for the preparation of a report prepared by a health care professional within the meaning of the law and needed for the processing of a claim qualify for reimbursement to a maximum of $30.”

This means that you can now charge up to a maximum of $30 for the preparation of reports. The respective documents, for example evolution in physiotherapy reports, have been updated.

You can refer to the SAAQ website to see the updated documents.

CNESST claims

What are the recommendations regarding absenteeism for CNESST claims?

The Federation has asked the CNESST for an official answer. The CNESST has confirmed that clinics are authorized to charge administrative fees for absent patients. These fees apply in first and second instances. As they are administrative fees, taxes apply. The Federation also confirmed with the OPPQ that this practice does not go against your code of ethics.

The FCPQ recommends that you put a clear policy in place regarding absenteeism. You may apply this policy on the condition that the patient was made aware of it at the start of their care by your clinic.

It is even recommended that you keep a copy of this policy, signed by the patient, in their file. You can also display a copy of the policy in the reception area of your clinic.
Each clinic is free to decide for itself what its tolerance level is regarding patient absenteeism. For its part, the Federation suggests an administrative fee of $25 per absence, taxes included.